Online Bidding: Appeal Board

From your Greater Giving Project Home, locate the Launch Appeal Board Display link on the right hand side. This launches a new tab with an interactive progress gauge that fills in as bidders donate towards your fundraising goal. The Appeal Display is defaulted to reflect the total amount raised during your special appeal and can be used to generate excitement and enthusiasm amongst your guests to help increase giving levels. Sponsor logos will scroll across the left of the screen.

Tip: You can also access the Appeal Board by going to Online Bidding Settings and clicking Launch  located next to the Appeal Board URL. 


Customizing the Appeal Board:

In order for the Appeal Board to display a gauge, we must have a goal set. To edit the goal of your Appeal, follow these steps.

  1. From the Project Home, click Online Bidding Settings under the Online Bidding header. 
  2. Edit the amount in the Donation goal field.
  3. Click the Save button. 

You can change other aspects of the Appeal Board by clicking the configuration settings button on the top-right of the display:

  • Sponsor Refresh Rate determines the number of seconds to display each loop of Sponsor logos.
  • Show Donors lets you choose to show the donor’s name and amount donated.
  • Show Sponsors determines if your Sponsor logos will appear on this screen.

Tip: The order of the Sponsors is determined by their Sponsorship level, Sponsors with a lower Sponsorship level will appear first. See: Adding Packages: Sponsorship

  • Show Progress Gauge is an option to display or hide the progress towards your goal.
  • Show Donation Goal determines if your donation goal is hidden or visible.
  • Choose Background lets you change the color theme of the leaderboard to accommodate your event décor or theme.
  • Progress Color changes the color of the progress gauge.
  • Progress Gauge changes the shape of the progress gauge. 



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