Online Bidding: Bid Assistants

Not all guests attending your event will have a smart phone, and Online Bidding makes it simple for volunteers to assist with any of the guests with their bidding during the silent auction.

Your Bid Assistants will access your Online Bidding site via the Go Time interface.


How to Prepare Your Bid Assistants:

  1. Open the Go Time App on the tablet or click the Go Time link on the laptop.
  2. The Bid Assistant will click the Bid Assistant icon.
  3. The Bid Assistant will be prompted to enter the bidder name or bidder number of the individual they will be bidding for.
  4. The Bid Assistant will click the Login button and they will be sent to the bidding home screen. The Bid Assistant and the guest can then browse and bid on the packages. We would encourage guests using Bid Assistants to set max bids on packages the guest is most interested in purchasing.  For more information on placing max bids, click here

Important: Ensure that your Bid Assistants log out after assisting each bidder. They can log out from any screen by clicking the Logout Bidder button on the top.

Personal Bidding Links:

The Bid Assistant can also provide the guest with their personal bidding link if the guest has a smart phone but does not have texting capability. This link will take the guest directly into the bidding site.


Different Ways to Bid:

  1. Place a Max Bid
    • Click the desired package.
    • Click the Bid More button.
    • Select the maximum amount the guest is willing to spend on the package.
    • Tap the OK button to confirm.
    • If their max bid is the highest, the system will automatically bid on their behalf until they are outbid or until the silent auction closes.

Train volunteers on the Max Bidding feature. Ensure that your bid assistants can communicate the benefits of Max Bidding, especially when they are placing bids for bidders.

  1. Place a Bid
    • Click the desired package.
    • Attempt the next highest bid by tapping the Bid button.
    • Tap the OK button to confirm.
  1. Buy It Now!
    • Click the desired package.
    • Click the Buy button.
    • Tap the Buy button to confirm.

Other Options:

  1. Watch
    • Click the star icon on the browse, slide, or detail view. This will place the package in your “Favorites” area to allow you to track easily.
  1. Donate
    • Click the Donation Button at the top of the bidding Home page.
    • Click desired amount or type in custom donation amount.
    • Confirm by clicking “Donate”.

You can also download our Online Bidding Volunteer Cheat Sheet


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