Online Bidding: Importing Online Bidders

Follow the steps below for importing if you chose not to allow self-registered bidders to bid without pre-approval.

Under the Online Bidding area of the Project Home, the number of Online Bidders waiting to be manually imported will be shown:

New Supporters:

If an Online Bidder cannot be matched to an existing Supporter in your Greater Giving Project, they will be listed as shown below:

  1. Check the Import checkbox for each bidder you would like to import or uncheck the Import checkbox if you would like to review it at a later time.
  2. Click the Import button.

Matching Supporters:

If an Online Bidder can be matched to an existing Supporter, they will be listed as shown below:

  1. If the system finds multiple matches, click the Switch Supporter button. You will be given the option to Select from partially matching Supporters, to Pick a Supporter to search and manually match to a record or to create a new record with the Create New Person button. 
  2. Select one of the below options.
    • Import - imports the Supporter information into your Greater Giving Online project.
    • Skip for Now - holds the Supporter information for review later.
    • Done for now - closes the window and returns to Project Home without saving any changes and without importing any information.


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