Online Bidding: Managing Supporter Updates

After Supporters have self-registered, they will have the ability to update their contact information. You can choose to either have these updates to a Supporter's record occur automatically or you can choose to import each change individually. 

Manage Supporter Update Setting:

  1. From the Project Home select Project in the top left corner and click Organization Home.
  2. Under the Organization header at the bottom of the page, click View/Edit Organization Settings.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Under the Organization Image area, there is a Supporter: Auto Update user profile changes option.
  • If checked, the Supporter's record will update with any changes they made to their contact information.
  • If unchecked, the Supporter's record will not update with the changes they made to their contact information. Changes will need to be approved via the Manage Supporter Updates link under the Supporters area of the Project Home.

Importing Supporter Updates:

If the above option is unchecked, under the Supporters area of the Project Home, the number of Supporter updates waiting to be manually imported will be shown:

Once you click Manage Supporter Updates, you will see the Supporter's Full Name and which contact information the Supporter updated.


  1. Select how you would like to manage the updates:
    • Import: updates the Supporter record with the new information.
    • Skip for now: holds the Supporter information for review later.
    • Ignore this change: does not update the supporter record with the new information.

Note: You will not be asked again to import these changes .

  1. Click the Import button.


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