Promote Your Page

Promoting your page is an essential step in peer-to-peer fundraising. Greater Giving provides you with the tools necessary to create a social networking campaign that draws in your friends, and friends of your friends. With over one hundred and fifty social media sites compatible with our widget, no matter what site you use your friends and family can always be updated on your progress! Below, we cover some of the major ways to promote using social media.

Post a Story to your Facebook Wall:

Click Share on Facebook. You will be redirected to log in to your personal Facebook page.  From here, you can draft your post and there will be a direct link on your Wall to your fundraising page.

Tweet your page using Twitter:

Click Tweet. You will be redirected to log in to your personal Twitter account. The URL to your fundraising page is pasted as the content of your tweet, ready to be sent.

Share on Google+:

Click G+ Share. You will be redirected to log in to your personal Google+ page. From there, you can see a preview of the content being posted to your circles.


Other Social Media and Widgets:

Widgets are a small, mini-application that serves a particular function. In this case, it is a mini-application that resides on your social media site of choosing, acting as a progress meter.

In order to post your widget, click one of our most popular social media icons, or click More. A list will open, and you can click Load More to load all 180 social media sites that the Join Me widget is compatible with.

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