Edit Your Fundraising Page

The basis of your page has been determined by the organization you are supporting. But, you can customize certain information present on the page. By clicking the Edit your fundraising page link, you will be directed to a layout screen of your page, where you can click Edit to customize the text that shows up. Below, we cover the major areas that you can edit.

  • In Join Me, click the Edit your fundraising page link.
  • You will see a rough layout of your page. Area’s that are greyed out are either set by your parent organization, or simply not editable.
  • Choose a Page Title.
    • Click Edit next to page Title and you will be able to customize the title text to your page.
  • Tell your story.
    • Click Edit next to Fundraiser Text. This area is designed for you to tell who you are and why you are supporting this cause. If you are a team captain, this area is designed for you to describe the team and the goal that you all have together.
  • Add an Image or Video.
    • Using the radial buttons, you can choose whether you would like a video or an image in this area. Click Edit next to Fundraiser Image. If choosing an image, you will be prompted to select an image from your computer. If using a video, you will be prompted to paste an embed code from the video host (Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.).
  • Change Widget text.
    • Click Edit above your widget, next to Widget Text. This is a simple text editor, used primarily with a short, plain text message.
  • Change Friendly URL.
    • Here you can Edit the friendly URL that you can distribute either verbally, through emails, or through social media promotion. A portion of the URL is static and cannot be changed.
  • Change Status of your page.
    • Here you can determine whether or not you want the page Published (viewable by the public) or Unpublished (only viewable by you).

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