Managing your Accounts

Your Online Payments accounts are specific to your unique Online Payments page. If you also use Greater Giving Online, your Online Payments login will not work with the Greater Giving Online login page, and vice versa. Managing your accounts lets you set up specific logins and Users that can add, edit, and delete pages as well as run Online Payments reports.

Accessing your accounts:

  1. Log in to your unique Online Payments URL with the username and password provided to you after signup.
  2. Select Manage Accounts (alternatively, select Accounts from the Manage button in the toolbar).

Adding a New User:

  1. Select Add New User.
  2. Fill in the Username. This is unique.
  3. Fill out First and Last Name. This is optional.
  4. Fill out a Display Name and Email Address.
  5. Determine Password. If Random Password is selected, a password will be emailed to the User.
  6. Determine User Roles. An Organization Admin can add, edit, or delete ALL pages in Online Payments. An Organization Reader can only add, edit, or delete specific pages you designate.
  7. You have the option to set an Expiry date, which once it passes, will no longer allow the User to login. Or select Register and finish creating the User.

Editing a User: 

  1. Select the Edit option next to the Username in the User Grid.
  2. From here you can change certain options about the User. The Username cannot be changed.
  3. You can Manage Roles, Manage Password, or Manage Profile.

Delete User: 

  1. Select the Delete option.
  2. Select Confirm to permanently delete the User.


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