Sponsorship Pages

Sponsorship Pages are similar to registration pages, however much of the verbiage and default values are different on a Sponsorship Page. Much like a donation page, this page can be useful to prevent cluttering of other pages, and to collect sponsorships throughout the entire year.

Adding a Sponsorship Page:

  1. Log in to your unique Online Payments URL with the username and password provided to you after signup.
  2. Click Manage Pages (alternatively, select Pages from the toolbar).
  3. Click Add Page.
  4. Enter the Page Name and Page Title. Greater Giving recommends these be the same.
  5. Using the Page Location tool, determine where you want the page to appear on your list.
    • Make sure to use the button to select Before, After, or At the End
  6. Select the Sponsorship Basic template from the drop down menu.
  7. Fill out any more applicable information under the Design and Footer
  8. Click Add Page to create your Sponsorship Page.
  9. You will be taken to your newly created Sponsorship Page. Hover over the pencil icon to Click Here to Edit Content, and begin customizing your Sponsorship module.

When creating this page, you can of course follow our Design and Modules recommendations. Some other common topics include Custom Questions, Allow Zero Dollar Transactions, Custom Descriptions, and Confirmations.


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