Online Bidding: Setting Up Packages

Creating packages for an Online Bidding event is very similar to creating packages for a paper bid sheet auction. Below we cover the necessary steps for setting up your Packages, as well as some best practice recommendations and tips.


  • Keep Package names short and precise. For most modern mobile devices, Package titles longer than 45 characters become truncated.
  • While there is no actual restriction for descriptions, we do recommend keeping the descriptions limited to only the necessary information. This is to limit the amount of reading/scrolling the Supporter has to do.
  • Enter Values for all of your Packages. If a Package does not have a value (is priceless) you can enter that as the Value Type.
  • Give each Package an Image. Images are a good visual tool for your Supporters, and are essential for off-site bidders.
  • Assign a Package Class. Classes are a great way to group similar packages together on the bidding page. We recommend between 5-7 Classes.

Package Creation:

  1. Create your Items first, to recognize the donors. See: Adding Items
  2. Assign Items to Packages. See: Creating Packages
  3. Ensure the Packages:

Note: If a Package has a Guaranteed Purchase price specified, the "Buy Now" option will be enabled for the Package. If you prefer to disable the “Buy Now” option for a Package, make sure the Guaranteed Purchase field is left blank.  

    • Have an image uploaded.

Note:  Images will automatically scale to 300px by 300px - Images should be a JPG, JPEG, or PNG; the file size cannot exceed 20MB.


Show Bidding Page:

Once you have created your Online Bidding Packages, click Refresh under the summary area for Online Bidding on your Project Home to update the current number of Packages included in Online Bidding. To view how your Packages will appear on your bidding site, click the Show Bidding Page link on the right hand side of your Project Home. This launches a new tab with your Online Bidding site. 

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