Online Bidding: Event Tips and Reminders

Pre-Event Reminders:

  • Enable Sections early! Enabling your Sections for Online Bidding lets you see them on the Online Bidding site. See Online Bidding: Configuring Package Sections.
  • Run a Health Check on your event. A Health Check involves checking the health of your Greater Giving site and can be self-done at any time as many times as you want. See Online Bidding: Health Check.


During the Event Reminders:

Event Day Support:

After-hours Event Support is available for urgent technical questions on the day of your event. Please contact us by phone at 866-269-8151 and select option 2. After hours support (after 6:00pm Pacific Time) is only available to assist during your physical fundraising event.

  • Make sure not to change Package numbers, sections, values, minimum bids, minimum raises, or guaranteed purchase prices on Packages that have bidding history on them. 
  • Removing the Online Bidding Type for a section or unchecking the Is an Online Bidder box for a Supporter will result in disabled access to bidding and a loss of bidding activity. 
  • Once a section has closed, all high bids will be moved over as Sales into the Greater Giving software within 15 minutes. 

If a guest reports an incorrect bid after the Sales have posted to your Greater Giving Project, follow the below steps:

  • Remove the Sale from your Greater Giving Online Project.
    1. Click View/Edit Sales.
    2. Locate the Sale by searching by Supporter Name or Bidder Number.
    3. Check the box next to the sale and click the Delete button.
  • Remove their bid from the Online Bidding Dashboard.
    1. Click the Menu button in the top-left.
    2. Click the Packages header.
    3. Click the Package Name of the Package you wish to remove the bid from.
    4. Locate the bid you wish to remove and click the X under the Remove column

Note: The next highest bidder will automatically have a Sale posted to their record.


Post-Event Reminders:

  • Didn’t sell everything? Run a Fire Sale! This is a great way to make sure every auction Package is sold and accounted for. See Online Bidding: Setting up a Fire Sale.
  • Reconcile your Sales, and make sure to Manage Charge Batch. This ensures that your guest's credit cards are accurately charged. See Manage Charge Batches.
  • Finally, send your receipts! Receipts are often requested during the event but can be sent in a batch afterwards. See Setting Up Receipts to set them up initially, and Print and Email Event Receipts to actually send them!

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