Managing Your Team

As a team captain, often it is up to you to coordinate each team members efforts when using peer-to-peer fundraising. Fortunately, there are a few tools at your disposal in order to assist you in this endeavor. You can manage the members of your team, and view their fundraising progress as well as ensure they have thanked their contributors. We will cover these options in greater detail below.

Manage your Team:

  1. In Join Me, click the link for Manage your team.
  2. Here you can see an overview of your team, including Team Name, Team Members, and Team Passcode settings.
    • Note if you change your team name here, you will still need to Edit your team fundraising page in order to change how the name appears there.
    • You can remove team members by typing delete in the box provided.
    • You can choose to make your team passcode protected. You will need to provide each team member the 3 digit passcode so that they can become a member of your team.

View Fundraising Progress:

  1. In Join Me, click the link for View your Team’s Fundraising Progress.
  2. Here you can see each contribution to members of your team, and whether or not that team member has Thanked the contributor. You can also Send Thank You’s on behalf of team members here.

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