Online Bidding: Multiple-Sale Packages

Multiple Sale packages are packages that can be sold multiple times to multiple bidders at a set price. This can be used for raffle tickets, Sign Up Parties, or voting purposes. Follow the below steps to ensure your multiple sale packages are correctly set up for Online Bidding.

  1. From the Project Home, click View/Edit Packages under the Packages header.
  2. Click the Edit button for the package.
  3. Check the Multiple Sale box.  If there is a maximum quantity that can be sold via Online Bidding, ensure this maximum is entered in the Maximum Online Sales field.

Tip: If you do not sell all of the available Multiple Sale packages during your auction, you can add these to your post-event auction. Be sure to change the Maximum Online Sales to the number currently available. For example, if there were 50 total available and 34 were sold, change the Maximum Online Sales to 16.

  1. Specify the price in the Guaranteed Purchase 
  2. Click the Save button.



  • For sign-up parties, enable the setting for Bidding history (on multisale packages) under the Online Bidding Settings. This will allow the bidders to see who else is attending. 
  • If you are using Online Bidding to collect votes (such as dancing or chef’s choice), make sure there is no Maximum Online Sales limit, that you have an image of what your Supporters are voting for, and a Guaranteed Purchase Price. Each “vote”, will be made at that price (vote’s typically range $1 - $5).
  • For Packages that you would like to sell only one of but at a set price, check the Multiple Sale box and enter a Maximum Online Sales of "1", and specify the price in the Guaranteed Purchase field. 
  • If you do not sell all of the available Multiple Sale packages during your auction, you can add these to your post-event auction.


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