Online Bidding: Setting Up an Appeal Only Event

An Appeal Only Event is a specific type of event that will only be using Online Bidding to collect Cash Donations only. This would be used in a case where you have a call to action, which showcases your cause and encourages people to donate via your Online Bidding Link.


  • The Donation image will not appear for Appeal donation-only events. You may instead upload an image for the Donation Package which will appear above the suggested donation amounts.  
  • The Donation label will not appear for Appeal donation-only events. Instead, we recommend naming the Package as your donation label.
  • Do not use self-registration for Appeal donation-only events. This will require extra steps on behalf of your Supporters.

Create a Donation - Type Package:

  1. From the Project Home, click Add a New Package under the Packages header.
  2. Select Donation for the Package Type.
  3. For the Section, select the section previously configured for Online Bidding.
  4. Add additional details to package as desired.
  5. Click the Save button.

Enable the Donation Button:

  1. From the Project Home, click Online Bidding Settings under the Online Bidding header.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Under the Appeal Donations area check "Use Online Bidding to collect appeal donations".
  4. Under "Package to use for donations from Online Bidding”, select the Package created earlier.
  5. In the “Suggested donation amounts” box, type the donation increments to appear on the guest Online Bidding site (This is optional.)
    • They need to be comma separated values (e.g. 1000, 500, 250, 100, etc.). The cents are optional.
    • Guests will always have the option to enter a custom donation amount.
  6. Under “Appeal donation-only event”, check the “Only allow donations (no bids)” checkbox.
  7. Click the Save button.

What Guests Can Expect:

After clicking the link in their welcome message, guests will be taken directly to the Donation Page where they can click the various Suggested amounts, or specify their own. They will not be able to navigate away from this page.


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