Online Bidding: Setting Up Bidders

To ensure the most streamlined registration, we recommend doing the following prior to opening self-registration and/or bidding.

  1. Collecting mobile phone numbers. If you are planning to open bidding prior to the event, we recommend also collecting email addresses.
  2. Allocating admissions.

Note: Allocating admissions is only required if you are planning to use Online Bidding at an in-person auction, and is not needed if you are only doing an online auction (Online Only Auction).

  1. Checking for Duplicate Records.
  2. Assigning bidder numbers.

Collecting Mobile Phone Numbers and Emails:

For guests to receive text notifications (i.e. Welcome text, outbid notifications), they need to have a mobile number entered in their Supporter Record.

Tip:  If household members would like to bid using the same bidder number but from two different devices, ensure each individual members mobile number is entered into their record. 


For guests to receive email communications they need to have an email address entered in their Supporter Record. 

The best way to collect guests' mobile phone numbers and email addresses is through your Greater Giving Project Website. Be sure to make a mobile phone number and an email address optional or mandatory fields for each guest when tickets are being sold. 

Allocating Admissions:

For guests to be checked-in through Go Time, they need to be allocated an admission to the event. See: Allocating Admissions


Utilizing the Check for Duplicates Feature:

You can merge supporters of the same type; individuals with individuals, couples with couples or business’ with business’. This feature scans your entire list of supporters and searches for potential matches. Running this feature often will ensure that your database is free of duplicate records.

  1. From the Project Home, click Check for Duplicatesunder the Supporters header.
  2. Compare the two records side-by-side and decide what data from each record you wish to keep by selecting the button towards the side of person A or B for each field.

Note: If one record has data in a field but the other does not, the data for that field will automatically be selected. The only time you need to decide which data to keep is when data for a specific field differs between the two records you are merging. 

  1. When you are finished, click Merge Supporters

When using this feature, you may optionally:

  • Skip the current match and proceed to the next set of potentially duplicate records.
  • Indicate the potentially duplicate records are actually two separate records.

Note: The criteria this feature uses to search for matches are: Must be same supporter type and Full names match or First and last names match.

Assigning Bidder Numbers:

Below are the steps to mass assign bidder numbers in Greater Giving Online:

  1. From the Project Home,click View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters 
  2. Under the Saved Search drop-down (top), select Bidders with allocated admissions.
  3. Click the Assign/Clear Bid Numbers

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