Bookkeeping Admissions

"Bookkeeping," or no-charge admissions, allow you to track attendees/bidders even if you do not charge admission.

You must first set your project up to allow bookkeeping admissions.  Then you assign the bookkeeping admissions to Bidders using any of the following methods.

Allow Bidders without Admissions on your project:

First, set up your project to not charge for admission purchases:

  1. From the Project menu, click Settings.
    Or from the Project Home Page, click Project Settings.
  2. Click Edit in the Project Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Event Specific Settings section.
  4. In Admission Tracking field, choose Attendees Don't Purchase Admissions to the Event.
  5. Click Save.

NOTE: The Admission Bookkeeping Package will display as "None" if no attendees have been added to the event.

Use this setting if no one will pay for an admission to your event.

When this setting is chosen, you do not need to enter sales of an admission package for each bidder that wants to be an attendee. Instead, you'll be able to add or remove attendances directly from the bidder screens.

You will still be able to track which meal, table, and group the bidder will be using. The system will automatically create an attendance bookkeeping package (called Bookkeeping Admission by default) and then add $0 sales of this package in the background, so you will see that $0 sale appear on bidder receipts and various other places in the system. You can use the regular package editing facilities to change the special bookkeeping package's name or number.

Add your Bookkeeping admission to bidders:

Assign to each individual bidder

  1. From the Project menu, click Supporters.
     Or from the Project Home Page, click View/Edit Supporters.
  2. Search for the supporters needing admission. Hint: Use Advanced Search for bidders with no admissions allocated.
  3. Follow the steps below for each bidder:
    1. Click Edit button for the supporter.
    2. Click the Bidder tab.
    3. Click Add New Admission button.
    4. If available, select the MealGroup and Table for this supporter.  You will be able to adjust or assign the Group and Table later with the normal process.
      See: Adding Tables and Groups
    5. Click Save.

Using "Assign Attendees to Table"

This will assign the bookkeeping admission in bulk to ALL bidders with a bidder number but without admission.

  1. On the Project Home page under Project Tasks, click Assign Attendees to Tables.
  2. You can choose to Show all or Show only unassigned Bidders. Unassigned Bidders appear on a yellow background.
  3. Click Sell Admissions button.  (*NOTE: The "Allow Selling Admissions" button will not display if no bidders have been assigned a bid number.)
  4. You will receive a pop-up warning saying "This will sell the Bookkeeping Admission to all bidders without admission. Are you sure you wish to do this?" Click Yes.

Using "Check in Attendees" process via Go Time pages

When checking in attendees using the Go Time pages, if the Bookkeeping Admissions have been activated, you will have a button in the Verifying Admissions step that allows you to add a Complimentary admission,

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