Bookkeeping Admissions

"Bookkeeping," or no-charge admissions, allow you to track attendees/bidders even if you do not charge an admission cost or would like to have Complimentary tickets to hand out.

Step 1: Allow Bidders without Admissions on your Project:

  1. From the Project Home, click Project Settings under the Project Tasks header.
  2. Click Edit in the Project Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Event Specific Settings section.
  4. In the Admission Tracking field, choose Attendees Don't Purchase Admissions to the Event.
  5. Click Save.

Note: The Admission Bookkeeping Package will display as "None" if no attendees have been added to the event.

Step 2a: Add Bookkeeping Admissions to a Single Bidder:

  1. From the Project Home, click View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Search for the Supporter needing the admission.
  3. Click the Edit button for the Supporter, and click the Bidder tab.
    • If necessary, check the box for “Is a Bidder in (Project Name)”.
  4. Click the Add New Admission button.
  5. Optionally, select the Meal, Group and Table for this Supporter.  You will be able to adjust or assign the Group and Table later as well. See: Adding Tables and Groups
  6. Click Save.

Step 2b: Add Bookkeeping Admissions to all Bidders:

This will assign the bookkeeping admission in bulk to ALL bidders with a bidder number but without an admission. Typically used when Importing Supporters with Bidder numbers assigned (or marked as Bidders) that purchased tickets outside of Greater Giving.

  1. From the Project Home, click Assign Attendees to Tables under the Project Tasks header.
  2. You can choose to Show All or Show Only Unassigned Attendees.
  3. Click the Sell Admissions button.

    • The Sell Admissions button will not display if no Bidders have been assigned a bid number.
  4. You will receive a pop-up warning saying "This will sell the Bookkeeping Admission to all bidders without admission. Are you sure you wish to do this?" Click Okay to add a Bookkeeping Admission to each Bidder with a Bidder Number but no Admission allocated.

Step 2c: Adding Admissions through Go Time:

If adding the Bookkeeping directly in Go Time, you will have a Complimentary button on Checkin Step 2: Select Guests. See Allocating Admissions in Go Time for adding an admission at that time.


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