Recurring Donations

Because of a change in our security practices, Greater Giving can only make limited changes to recurring donations that have been entered into your Online Payments portal. If anything else needs to be changed on a recurring donation, Greater Giving would recommend canceling the previous recurring donation and create a new one for the Supporter with the corrected information. Please see below for more information on what can be changed, and what Greater Giving needs to update that information.

Information that can be changed:

  • Cancel Status
  • Frequency – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-yearly, Yearly
  • End Date
  • Donation Amount

What Greater Giving needs:

In order to update any of the above information, please send a note to with the following.

Organization Name:
Customer ID (optional):
Donor Full Name:
Donation Amount:

Plus any necessary changes such as: Frequency, Cancel, End Date, etc. Greater Giving wants to provide the highest standard of PCI compliance, and thanks you for your cooperation in these changes.

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