Edit Your Personal Story

As a member of a team, you are part of a larger program to raise money and awareness for your organization. This means that you will also be emailing your friends and family to check out your team’s page, as well as promoting and sharing your team’s page through social media. Another aspect is your personal story, which is your reason behind supporting this cause and being a part of this team. You can edit your personal story from your Join Me home, and below we will cover some aspects of your personal story.

  1. In Join Me, click Edit your personal story.
  2. Using the text box, draft up your personal story.
    • Note the Paste Icons for pasting text from Word, HTML, or Plain Text. These are useful for taking text from a different source and copying them over into your personal story.
    • You also have icons for Hyperlinking, Text colorization, Font sizing, and Font styling.
  3. When finished, click Save to save your work. You can always view how your story looks by Viewing your team fundraising page.

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