Definitions of Join Me

Contributors- A Contributor is any person or business that has donated money to either a specific Team or personal Fundraiser.

Fundraiser- A Fundraiser is an individual or household (typically not a business) that has decided to support your cause by creating a Fundraising Page that is liked with your Organization. From there, a Fundraiser can use social media to raise money for your event.

Team- A Team is a group of Fundraisers working together for a common goal or milestone in your event. You can have as many Teams as you need, as well as many Fundraisers on a Team as you want.

Team Captain- A Team Captain is the “head” of a Team. They define the direction the group is taking on their Fundraising Page, as well as coordinate the group’s efforts.

Other Package Type- The Other Package type is an additional package type added to only Fundraising Projects. This Other type is used for multiple sale items such as raffle tickets or t-shirts. The price is fixed, and no Items are present in the package.

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