Checking For Duplicate Supporters

As you use Greater Giving Online, you may notice recurring Supporters to your events. Because it is a database of contacts, you may run into scenarios of multiple entries for the same Supporter. In terms of best practices, Greater Giving recommends using our Check for Duplicates tool to ensure that any duplicate records get merged into a single record. This ensures that you have the most up to date information, as well as keeping a Supporter's history of sales, donations, and payments all in one place. Note that our Check for Duplicates tool only checks similar Supporter Types; individual to individual, business to business, etc. Please see below for more information about Checking for Duplicates within your Greater Giving Online software.

  1. Click on Check For Duplicates under Supporters on your Project Home.
  2. Select which information between the two records that is accurate/up to date.
  3. Click the Merge Supporters button. 
    * Note: This will only display one matching supporter at a time.  
    : You can click Supporters Not Duplicates and the system will not prompt you for this combination again.

This will then merge the two supporter records into one record. We recommend doing this at least 2 times just in case you have more than one duplicate of a particular supporter. 

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