Summer 2017 News and Updates - Top 5

The team at Greater Giving has been hard at work over the Summer on a number of product, service and training updates. We understand that the fundraising world is one where you need to move quickly so we have gathered some of the key summer topics below. With such a busy summer it’s not easy to get the list into a Top 5. You can also read up on other features and updates under the Release Notes section of our help center.

(New Feature) Saved Searches:

This Summer Greater Giving rolled out the highly anticipated new feature, Saved Searches. That custom search you may run on event night just got even faster because now you can build your query ahead of time and save the results. Great examples of a saved search include “show me bidders who don’t have payment info on file but have spent over $1”. As your data changes and records update so will your results from your custom saved search.

Learn more about Saved Search in the Greater Giving Help Center.


Help – Chat Support:

Email Support and Phone Support have always been popular methods for users when they have a question, but with their growth so has the method of Chat Support. Since that’s the case, Greater Giving has made some big investments in growing our Chat Support, now offering new tools and knowledgeable seasoned staff members to be there when you need them. You can now find the Chat icon in more areas of Greater Giving so it is even easier to get to.

Pro Tip – Support Chat now supports uploads so you can take a screen shot or upload an image when working with a team member.

Online Bidding Success Guide:

With so many events supported, Greater Giving’s support team has established a guide of best practices before during and after your event. From example text messages to a mock time line of event day this guide covers a wide collection of topics.

View the Online Bidding Success Guide here.

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Feature Update – Imports:

“Imports just got more import-ier”. Greater Giving excel import tool is located in three main places; Item Imports, Sales Imports and Supporter Imports. Beyond the basics of importing into Greater Giving advanced users commonly add details such as item types and other pick lists. Import updates have been made around user feedback so that the tool is faster at reading your files and mapping to the correct location quickly. This means users spend less time getting their data in and more time supporting their cause.

To read more visit our article on “Getting Started: Importing Spreadsheets

Training - Online Auction Webinar:

Many groups are using Greater Giving Online Bidding for a virtual online only bidding. To support this use case a new training webinar and video has been rolled out that dives deeper into how it works, tips/tricks, and best practices. An Online Auction is a great fundraising method if you have two hundred packages or just one.

To read more about the Online Auction webinar visit the signup page or visit


Other topics new and noteworthy:

 Blog – Infographic: The Must Have Auction Event Day Survival Kit

With so many moving parts, fundraising events have a high probability of unforeseen situations happening during the most inopportune of times—disrupting the smooth flow of your big day or night. Read More…


Blog – Getting Your Venue Prepared for Online Bidding

So, you’ve already done some of the heaviest lifting in adopting a new technology—you’ve sold your nonprofit’s board on online bidding, then you reached out to guests about how to use it, while adding great online bidding resources to your website.

But there are some more considerations to keep in mind when making such a significant change: can your venue accommodate it? Read More…

Blog - How to Host a "Thank You-a-thon":

From the Greater Giving Resource Library a really popular blog post was rolled out around conducting a “Thank You-a-thon”.

Have you ever received an unexpected thank you for something you did? What a lift to the spirits!

You can provide that to your donors with an out-of-the-blue thank you call. In today’s world, we are always being asked to do more, to give more. It’s nice to simply be thanked for what we’ve already done. People will appreciate it and they will remember you.

The Thank-a-Thon is the opposite of a phone campaign. It’s an all-out drive to call everyone who has contributed to your organization and simply thank them for their support. No ask. No sales pitch. Just a sincere and honest thank you. Read More…

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