Go Time Check-in

No one likes to stand in line. So why make your guests do it? Go Time’s Check-In process is designed specifically for getting your guests in the door and into your event proper. Graphically simple, it streamlines the process for your volunteers for a hassle-free experience. Go Time is accessed through your Project Tasks and is only a few quick, simple steps to check your attendees for your event.


Note: If using the Go Time App for Android or iOS, ensure you have updated to the most current version.

  1. On the Project Home, click on Go Time under the Project Tasks header. It will open in another tab on your browser.
  2. Click Check-In Attendee.

Check-In Step 1: Get Name

  1. Type the guest’s name in the Attendee field.
    • Type a portion of the last name to see a list of potential matches. For example, type “sky” to locate “Tchaikovsky”
    • hammer.png next to the name means the Supporter has already been enabled as an Online Bidder.
    • ticket.png next to the name means the Supporter has an admission allocated.
    • If a guest is not listed, you can create a new one by clicking Create New Supporter, or by hitting the Tab or Enter key on your keyboard.
  2. Once the correct name appears, highlight the name and click Next.


Check-In Step 2: Select Guests

  1. Make a check next to the ticket the Supporter is using. If they do not have a ticket you can choose the following options. See Allocating Admissions in Go Time for more information about these different methods.
    • Complimentary Ticket - If Bookkeeping Admissions are enabled.
    • Sell New - Sell the Supporter a new ticket.
    • Use Existing - Search for an admission purchased by another Supporter.
  2. Use Details to update Group, Table, Meal, Email, or Mobile Number.
  3. Use Guest Info to update Address, Bidder Number, Phone, and Email.
  4. Click Next.


Check-In Step 3: Add Credit Card

  1. If the supporter has a credit card on file (saved from the Project Website) it will show up here. If not, click Swipe Card.
  2. Click within the textbox that appears, and swipe the card with the magnetic strip facing the arrows on the card reader.
  3. If the card cannot be read you can click Cancel and then click Type Manually. Type the credit card number, expiration date, and cardholder name. Click OK
  4.  The card Information will automatically populate. Click Finish and Check-In is complete!




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