Adding Items

Items are an important part of your online software database. They are used to create packages, which can then be sold to Supporters. Adding Items can also be done through an Item Import. When adding Items, the easiest method is by viewing your Items, then clicking the add button. You can then fill in the Item details including any applicable donors. Below is a walk-through of adding Items one at a time.

 Manually Adding Items:

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Items under the Items header.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. The Creating Item form appears. Type the Name and Tax Rate. If the item is tax free, enter a zero.
  4. Using the drop-down lists, provide additional information about Item TypeItem CategorySectionValue Type, and Location for this item.
  5. The Procurement Status is an optional field designed to help you keep track of where the Item is in the acquisition process.
  6. For donated items, you can click the Pick a Donor button to assign a donor. If the item was donated by multiple donors, you can click the Add another donor button to select additional donors. If the item was donated by a new supporter, click the Create New Supporter button.
  7. You can add Notes if desired. Notes are for internal reference only.
  8. You can add a Description & Restriction using the Text Editor. This description will be added to the package's description & restriction once the item is assigned to a package.
  9. Add an image of your item! You can Upload Image or Use Existing Image from your Image Manager.
  10. When you are finished, click Save to save and exit or click the Save & Add New button to save and continue adding items.

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