Auction Booster - How it Works

Auction Boosters have one goal in mind: help offer unique experiences for you to sell at your auction, so that you can raise even more money for your cause! Essentially, you offer the Package at your next benefit or auction. If it sells, you confirm the reservation with Winspire. You get to keep the difference between the Package initial price and what you sell it for! To truly maximize the benefit, Winspire and Greater Giving recommend beginning bidding at the initial Package price. That way, any additional dollars raised goes straight to your cause. 

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But What if it Doesn’t Sell?

No worries! You only pay for what you sell. Reserve as many packages as you want. If a package you reserve does not sell, there is no cost to you or your organization. There is no reason to NOT reserve an Auction Booster, as it can only raise your charity more money!

What’s the Catch?

No catch! It’s a simple, effective way to add some of the best experiences in the world to your auction. Unbeatable prices, the Winspire Auction Booster’s sell to your non-profit for less than 50% of retail price! Often, the packages are completely priceless and offer an experience unlike any other. So, take a look and sign up now! Don’t you want to raise more money for your charity?



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