Card Reader Quick Reference

Greater Giving’s Auctionpay Card Readers are a simple way of processing credit card transactions from your donors or supporters. These devices require a laptop or desktop PC (or tablet in the case of the Mobile Card Reader) in a 1:1 relation in order to function properly. Set up is much more simplified over the Terminals, and the process of batching your cards is all done within the Greater Giving Online software. 

Admin Resource Guide:
This guide will also be sent in hard-copy format when you receive the equipment from us. This is an essential guide to have on hand when setting up your equipment and the night of your event, as it covers everything from our PCI compliance, setting up your Card Readers, swiping credit cards, and batching charges to the bank. Because of all this information, we have also included a Table of Contents to quickly find what you are working on.

Mobile Card Reader Install - app on iTunes and Google Play:
When you use the Mobile Card Readers, you will have to download the free Greater Giving app in order to integrate them into your software. When you use the Greater Giving app, you load the app up, login to your Greater Giving Online account, and access the Project you will be working in via Go Time. Without this app, you will not be able to use the Mobile Card Readers.

Event Night Quick Reference:
Also referred to as a cheat sheet, this short guide can be a significant help to your volunteers and staff on your event night. Within this document is everything needed to successfully check in, add sales, and check out your guests. Volunteers will be able to have this quick reference document that they can check at a glance to remind themselves of the next steps needed at whatever stage of your event.

Auction Planner:
The Auction Planner is a fantastic tool for planning your event using Greater Giving. This 12 month checklist has valuable insights from real events, tips and tricks for every aspect of your event, and it’s all in an easy to follow planner! Download this guide to ensure that your entire event planning process goes smoothly.

Return Shipping Information:
After your event it’s time to return the equipment. Greater Giving provides you with instructions and a return shipping label with your Card Readers, however we also provide shipping instructions using this article.


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