Terminal Accounting Resources

When using one of Greater Giving’s Auctionpay Terminals, there are a number of various accounting options available to you. Below, we take a look at some of the options as well as how to access them.

Donor Charge Request:
This form can be used to process a single transaction for attendees, or a one-time donation by a Supporter, but only if you do not have access to the event software. Please note standard practice requires the entire card number, donor’s credit card and expiration date, and the donor’s entire address.

Donor Refund Request:
This form is used primarily after your event, and you need to process a refund for a donor or an attendee to your event. In order for Greater Giving to process this refund, it must have finished the settlement process (typically one business day). 

Account Information Update:
If you ever have to update account information that Greater Giving has for you, please see this document on what steps to take. Please note that for certain changes, we require authorized members of the account to make the changes. This may result in certain security questions being asked in order to prove authorization.

Terminal Decline Process:
For those times when a credit card declines, you can use this document to help handle that decline. Greater Giving will also provide you with this process in the Quick Start Guide you receive with your equipment. 

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