Auctioneer Display

The Auctioneer Display allows the Auctioneer of your event to recognize your guests by name for the Live Auction, donations made during the paddle raise, or other anything else your organization sees fit. A volunteer can enter the guest's bidder number using Greater Giving Go Time on a laptop or iPad, and the information will then be immediately displayed showing the bidder number and the name of your guest.  This information can be displayed on a monitor facing the stage or an iPad that the Auctioneer places on their podium or holds as they are walking the stage. 


  • Wi-Fi or hardline internet.
  • One laptop or IPad for entry by volunteer.
  • One monitor or IPad for viewing by Auctioneer.

Instructions for Volunteers:

  1. From the Project Home, click on Go Time under the Project Tasks header. It will open in another tab on your browser.
  2. Click Auctioneer Display.
  3. Type in either a name or bidder number to have the list auto-generate.
  4. Click Reset to clear the display.
  5. Click Display.

Instructions for Auctioneer:

  1. From the Project Home, click on Auctioneer Display under the Project Tasks header. It will open in another tab on your browser.
  2. The Bidder’s Name, Number, and Affiliate type will display, along with the Project Name and organization name.

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