Manage Charge Batch

After your event it is possible to charge the credit card of any Supporter that either swiped it during Check In or offered to save it through your Project Website, all at once. This process is referred to as Charging Cards in a Batch. It is important to note when using this feature, you or your volunteers don’t have to add anything in under Payments, and you merely have to click Manage Charge Batch and Start New Batch to get those cards charged. Below, we cover the steps necessary to Manage Charge Batch. 


Before running a Charge Batch, Greater Giving strongly recommends Reconciling your Sales using a BID-03 and a charges to be submitted using a BID-18.

  1. On the Project Home select Manage Charge Batches, under the Payments header.
  2. Click Start New Batch.
  3. Preview your charges, then select Charge Cards in a Batch.
  4. The cards will begin charging. When the process is finished, click Done.
  5. If you have had any declines, you can use our Process Decline Wizard to manage that.



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