Adding Sales in Go Time

Adding sales in Go Time follows our general philosophy that the night of your event should be as simple and pain free as possible. Thus, adding a sale in Go Time is quick, easy, and built around quickly applying sales to a Supporter. It can be done by clicking Enter Sales, and filling out the three fields. A step by step walk-through can be found below. 

  1. On the Project Home, click on Go Time under the Project Tasks header. It will open in another tab on your browser.
  2. Click Enter Sales.
  3. Choose the Package to be sold (can either type name or package number).
  4. Choose the Supporter the package is being sold to (can either type name or bid number).
  5. Enter the Sale Price. If it is a Multiple Sale package, it will have a quantity option with a fixed price.
  6. Click Add Sale to add the sale to the Supporter’s record.  The form will reset and you can enter your next sale!

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