Creating a Project Using a Past Project

Copying a past Project can be a useful tool if you have recurring events each year. Currently, it is also the only way to copy a Project Website from a previous year. See below for a step by step walk through of Copying a Past Project.

Note: You must be listed as an Organization Admin to Create a Project. To find out more about that role, you can read our User Definitions and Adding or Editing Users.

  1. On the Organization Home, click Create New Project
    • To get to your Organization Home from your Project Home, hover over the Project button in the top left corner and select Organization Home.
  2. In the box titled Project Name, type in a name for your Project.
  3. In the box titled Project Date, choose a date for your Project. Click Next when finished.
  4. Select Use a Past Project radio option.
  5. Using the now available drop down menu, choose which Project you wish to copy.
  6. Choose what you would like to Copy:
    • All Settings, No Data: This is our most common choice. It allows you to copy the majority of your Project, excluding Sales, Payments, Items, Roles, and Auction Type Packages.
    • All Settings, All Data: This creates a carbon copy of your Project. Useful for backing up or creating a test Project you want Users to sandbox in.
    • Choose What Settings and Data to Copy: This is an advanced option, allowing you to choose what settings you want to copy. This is the only option that allows you to copy a previous Project’s Website.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Schedule your event. This is an optional step, but highly recommended as it only benefits your organization! Required fields are marked with a red dot.
    • You can always skip this step, but you will be prompted every time you log into the Project that it should be done.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Click Finish to finalize your newest Project.

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