Definitions of User Permissions

Organization Admin: User has full access to the system. Can Create a New Project, Delete a Project, Edit/Manage Users, and Edit Organization Settings.

View: User can access the page, but cannot make changes.

  • View all Project Details- has access to view all details, but cannot make changes.
  • View Sponsorship Dashboard- has access to view the Sponsor Dashboard.

Edit: User may access the page and change information within. This will only show up if View all Project Details is selected.

  • Items- user can Add/Edit/Delete items; Set value and cost of an item; Assign the item to a package; Associate donor(s) to an item; Associate solicitor(s) to an item; Add/Edit/Delete the description of a package.
  • Auction Packages- user can Swap Package numbers; Renumber packages; Add a new Auction package; Edit/Delete all Auction packages; Change package name; Change Value and Value Type of a package; Add/Remove from Catalog; Change Bid Values on a package; Add/Edit Description, Notes and Restrictions; Add/Edit Image; Add/Remove Items in package.
  • Admission Packages- Same as Auction Packages, only now with Admission type Packages.
  • Sponsorship Packages- Same as Auction Packages, only now with Sponsorship type Packages.
  • Donation- Same as Auction Packages, only now with Donation type Packages.
  • Other Packages- Same as Auction Packages, only now with Other type Packages.
  • Catalogs- user can Add/Edit/Delete all Catalogs; Change Name; change Packages to include; Add/Edit/Delete Notes.
  • Supporters- user can Add/Edit/Delete all Supporters; Manage Sales and Payments on Supporter; Change Supporter Type; Change Name and Salutations; Change Image; Change contact information (address, phone and email); Assign Bidder, Donor, Staff or Sponsor status for the project.
  • Payments- user can Add/Edit/Delete all Payments; Change Supporter on payment; Change Payment Type, Amount and Date.
  • Sales- user can Add a new Sale; Edit/Delete all Sales; Change Supporter on sale; Change Package on sale; Change Quantity and total Sale Price; Change solicitor(s) on sale; Change Group; Change Attendee; Change Thanked and Notes.
  • Settings- Recommended only for Admin users- user can Change Project Settings on all tabs on Project Settings Page. This includes Project Name, editing the Project Website in the Advanced Area, Receipt Statement, Bid Sheets, Item types, Meal types, Affiliate types, Donor types, Value types, Payment types, Accounting types, Item Categories, Item Locations, Item & Package Sections, Tables, Teams, Committees, Classes, Segments and Solicitation Statuses.

Other: These are miscellaneous permissions.

  • Edit Credit Cards- user can Add, Edit, Remove, and Swipe in new cards for Supporters.
  • Charge Credit Cards- user can charge cards through Go Time, or Manage Charge Batch.
  • Create a Refund- user is authorized to create a refund using our new Refund Method.
  • Manage Project Website- user can make changes to the Project Website
  • Send Batch Emails- user can send emails in batches to your Supporters.
  • Manage Online Bidding- the user has access to all functions of the Online Bidding Admin.
  • Perform Bid Assistance- the user has access to the Bid Assistant role in Go Time. 
  • Activate Online Bidding – user can Activate Online Bidding for projects.

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