Fall 2017 News and Updates - Top 5

This Fall has been a busy one at Greater Giving's Portland Oregon headquarters. A huge focus again towards customer feedback as well as comments from our Greater Giving Partners.  Below you will see a quick look at some of the highlights. Missed our Summer 2017 News and Updates Top 5? Click Here to learn more.

(New Feature) Re-send Welcome Message

The Bid Assistant role becomes even more important in building a great guest experience, yet the feature continues to be easy to use. If you are using Greater Giving Online Bidding you are aware that the Welcome Message is sent at the time of Checkin. Now with this new button located under the Bid Assistant tool in Go Time those team members can help with re-sending a message when needed. This is a huge value if you have team members setup at the event with tablets walking around helping people bid.

Please note: clicking this button will resend via whatever components have been enabled, if only email then it will be sent only email, if email and text then it will send both.


(Updated) Giving Tuesday Online Donation Template

Rolled out in time for the 2017 Giving Tuesday a template that makes it easy to build your page. Looking into what images you want to use? Good news is Greater Giving has already started in with some of the content. View this template by going to Project Website and selecting Add a page. You will see “Template: Giving Tuesday” in the drop down. This is a great tool to promote end of online giving and donations.


Revenue Enhancers - 26 Proven Revenue Enhancers for Your Fundraiser

Nonprofits are getting creative with ways to increase revenue at their events. This Fall, Greater Giving released a new book that showcases a number of great ideas and details on how to put them into action. With leadership from some of our fantastic partners each topic has its own step by step guide. You can learn more and download a digital copy here.  A number of the single topics have also been posted to our blog. For Example “Keep Bidding Going with a 2nd Bidder”.

These great ideas used alongside Go Time’s Storefront is a great combination.


(New Feature) Refunds and voids for payments made via Credit Card

The time it takes to make a donor refund got even faster. Previously the process of making a refund was done on an outside secure form. Users would go to the secure form, enter the details and this started the process of notifying the bank/card holder. With this new enhancement you can now start the refund from right in the Payment record. As the status of the transaction changes so will the record in Greater Giving. This means your team can wrap up your event faster and create clear understanding of event proceeds. See more about how Refunds work in Greater Giving here.


Blog Post - A Guide to Affordable (and Free!) Technology and Digital Resources

Nonprofits and schools can benefit from technology and digital resources— no matter how small the budget. Important areas like marketing, administrative details, advertising, communications, and event management can be spendy. The good news is that there are many high quality affordable, free or discounted services that can help a nonprofit (or any business for that matter) to cut overhead costs and still produce amazing content within their marketing or administrative fields. Read More Here.

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