Allocating Admissions and Meals

Allocating Admissions is an important step in your Project. When we allocate admissions, we can Check them In through Go Time, assign them to a table, and search on our attendees. Therefore, it is a best practice to have all of your admissions allocated prior to your event (or as close as possible).

The good news is admissions get allocated from the Project Website when you Import Online Purchases, but in case you need to do it manually you can follow the steps below.


How Do I know my Admissions are Allocated?

The quickest way to determine if your admissions are allocated is to look at your Project Summary on the Project Home. If your Admissions Purchased does not match your Admissions Allocated, we recommend running an Admissions Report.


Admissions Reports:

  • BID-15: Admissions Purchased vs. Allocated Audit
    • Found under Supporter Reports & Exports.
    • This report will break down Purchaser, Attendee, Admission Type, Price Paid, and Date.
  • BID-19: Admissions Purchased and Allocated
    • Found under Supporter Reports & Exports.
    • Includes Purchaser, Address and Contact Information, Bidder and Table Number, Admission Type, Sale Price and Sale Date.
    • Only prints in Excel.

Manually Allocating Admissions:

  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Find the purchasing Supporter using the Search bar.
  3. Click Manage Sales and Payments.
  4. Scroll down to the Sales for Household (Members/Bidders), and click Edit for the purchase with tickets associated with it.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the sale.  Use the following options for allocating the admissions.
    • Make household purchaser’s members attendee(s) – Allocates any individual or household member an admission.
    • Find – Search for a Supporter by name.
    • Pick a Supporter – Opens up the Supporter Grid to find a Supporter.
    • Create New Supporter – Create a new Supporter to be allocated the admission.
  6. In this area you can also use the drop down menu to add a Meal.
  7. Click Save when finished to return to Manage Sales and Payments.


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