Winter 2017 News and Updates - Top 5

Winter means cold weather (at least for some) and lots of time to focus on great new features, enhancements and resources. We are excited to share some of the new features and resources rolled out from Greater Giving in Winter 2017/18. Missed our Fall 2017 News and Updates Top 5? Click Here to learn more.

 Top 5 for Winter 2017:

  • Image Manager Grows and Adds Stock Images
  • Online Bidding gets a whole lot better
  • Go Time Changes - icons
  • Enhancements for Ticket Sales Pages and Donation pages  - added options for convenience fees
  • Blog Post: 18 New Fundraising Ideas for 2018


(New Feature) Image Manager Grows and Adds New Stock Images

Great images help Packages sell - at the same time with advancements in cell phone cameras the image sizes are getting even larger. To help with that Greater Giving increased the size limits of images to 20 MB. This impacts both Packages images as well as images used when building a Project Website.

Stock Images are a great value to speed up the time it takes to build your database. The image manager has  over 60 images ready to use at your event. Selling a Hawaii Package? Add an image of our stock palm tree.


(New Features and Enhancements) Online Bidding

In early January, Greater Giving rolled out a number of new features to Online Bidding as well as some enhancements to features already in place. These changes are based of feedback from Greater Giving users and partners. Among the highlights are elements like the new swipe view and the all new bid dial. You can read more about these changes HERE. With huge emails campaigns, social media posts, and webinars all taking place on this topic it's been a huge success for Greater Giving users. Customers are loving that bidders are even more engaged in bidding at events. The changes made to some of Online Bidding’s most popular features like the Leaderboard has both staff members and supporters alike excited.


Go Time - Icon Change

At Check In the big focus is creating a great guest experience. In order to do that, you want to be able to check people in quickly so they can get in and enjoy the event. Starting this Winter Greater Giving made a few changes to Go Time that event planners and auction chair’s really love. This enhancement adds a new ticket icon if the supporter has a ticket linked to their record. Also, a brown gavel icon has been added if the bidder has been active in Online Bidding. Making these records stand out means less time looking a person up and an overall smoother experience.


(Enhancement) Ticket Sales Pages and Donation pages  - added options for convenience fees

Greater Giving for a long time has offered where they can charge a convenience fee to a supporter. This in a sense passes the credit card fees on to the donor rather then having them paid by the nonprofit. This new feature rolled out this winter when enabled let's supporters choose if they would like to pay the fee or not.

Blog Post; 18 New Fundraising Ideas for 2018

It’s a new year, with new challenges and opportunities to increase fundraising goals and create memorable events. Turn a fresh eye towards event planning with these eighteen fundraising themes for 2018.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are always popular with people of all ages, because they’re exciting and interactive. Map out a fun night of giving by providing cryptic clues that take donors around your neighborhood or venue; ultimately solving the puzzle and winning prizes. Based on the…

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