Project Settings Overview

Project Settings contains the majority of configurable settings for any given Project. Within this area you can dictate the Project Name, Date, as well as a variety of miscellaneous settings. Below, we cover some of the most definitive aspects of Project Settings.

How to access Project Settings:

  • Hover over the Project menu in the top left corner, and select Settings.
  • Click Project Settings under the Project Tasks header on your Project Home.

Note: You must have the User Permission to edit Settings in order to Edit any of the following.

Main Functions of Project Settings:

  • Project Picklists – All of the Project’s picklists can be accessed here. See Customizing Picklists for more information.
  • Project Name and Project Date – You can change the Project Name or Project Date by clicking the Edit button.
  • Starting Bidder Number, Starting Package Number, Starting Item Number – These settings can all be changed by clicking the Edit Button.
  • Project Image – This is the image that displays on Online Bidding.

Other Miscellaneous Settings:

  • Revenue Goal – The amount you are hoping to raise.
  • Expense Budget – The amount you are hoping to spend.
  • Project Time Zone – The time zone that dictates clock calculations within the Project.
  • Event Location – Where the event will take place.

Configurable Settings:

  • Edit Go Time Settings – This area is used to customize Checkin, and the Storefront. See Editing Go Time Settings for more information.
  • Edit Receipt Settings – This link will take you directly to edit the Receipt Settings. See Setting up Receipts for more information.
  • Edit Bid Sheet Settings – This link will take you directly to where you can edit the Bid Sheet Settings. See Setting up Bid Sheets for more information.


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