Edit Go Time Settings

Go Time Settings configure your Go Time Checkin and Storefront functions for your Event. These settings can customize your Checkin experience, as well as what information can be accessible by your volunteers during Checkin. Below, we cover the major aspects of Editing Go Time Settings.

To access Go Time Settings:

  1. From the Project Home, click Project Settings under the Project Tasks
  2. Click Edit Go Time Settings on the right-hand side.

Note: You must have the User Permission to edit Settings in order to Edit any of the following.

Dashboard Settings:

  • Message Header – This message is used as the label for your volunteer message.
  • Message – This area can have a custom message to your volunteers on the main dashboard.

Check-In Task:

  • Show Select Guests Step – This determines if Step 2 on Check-In appears. The sub-configurations for what volunteers can see and edit are:
    • View/Edit Mobile - Edit the Mobile Number for the Supporter.
    • View/Edit Table - Edit the Table for the Supporter.
    • View/Edit Group - Edit the Group for the Supporter.
    • View/Edit Email - Edit the Email Address for the Supporter.
    • View/Edit Meal Type - Edit the Meal selection for the Supporter.
  • Show Add Credit card Step – This determines if Step 3 on Check-In appears. We do not recommend turning this off!
  • Edit Postal Address – This allows volunteers to make changes to the address of a Supporter.
  • Edit Email and Phone Numbers – This allows volunteers to make changes to the contact information of a Supporter.
  • Edit Bidder Number – This allows volunteers to make changes to the bidder number of a Supporter.

Giving Board Task:

  • Show Giving Board - This determines if the Giving Board will appear on your Go Time Dashboard. See Operating the Giving Board for instructions on its use.
  • Donation Amounts - A comma separated list of amounts you would like to appear on the Operator screen. You will always have the option of entering a custom amount as well.
    • Tip: We recommend making these the same as your Fund-a-Need Donation levels!
  • Goal - This determines the total goal for your Giving Board. As donations are made the gauge will fill accordingly towards the goal.
    • Note: While a Goal is not required, it is strongly recommended otherwise the gauge will remain static.
  • Color Theme - This will change the background color of the Giving Board. Alternatively, there are tabs that can be used if you know the hex code for your organization branding.


Storefront Tasks:

  • Purchaser Types – This determines what payment types appear when using Storefront. Use the radio button to make your selection. The green question mark has more information.
  • Payment Types – This determines what payment types you will allow for Storefront, ONLY if you have real-time, anonymous transactions enabled.
  • Require Signature for Credit Card Purchases – This determines if you will collect a signature ONLY if you have real-time, anonymous transactions enabled.
  • Allow Emailing of Receipt – This will prompt you to mail a receipt ONLY after processing a real-time, anonymous transaction.
  • Menu Layout – This determines which packages appear on Storefront. See our article on Storefront for more information.

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