Discount Codes

Discount Codes can be used to reduce the price of purchases on your Project Website. Perfect for offering the chance to pay by check, or to give staff discounted rates on tickets.

Note: You must have the User Permission to Manage Project Website in order to add these Settings.

  1. From the Project Home, click Manage Project Website under the Project Website header.
  2. Click Edit Page Settings for the Page you wish to add the Discount code.
  3. Scroll down and click Add Discount Code to create your code.Discount_Code.jpg
    • Discount Code – This is the name of the discount code, or what the purchaser will enter to receive the discount.
    • Type – Either Fixed or Percentage, whichever works better for the discount code.
    • Value – Either a dollar amount (if using Fixed) or a simple number (if using Percentage). This is how much will be discounted.
  4. Click Save to finalize your Discount Code(s).


Tips & Reminders:

  • You can remove a code by clicking the red X icon to the left of a Discount Code.
  • Discount Codes are not case sensitive.
  • Discount Codes apply to an entire purchase through the website. They cannot be limited to just certain Sales.
  • Discount Codes currently cannot limit how many of a certain Package can be purchased through the website.

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