Global Saved Searches

Global Saved Searches are searches that are added to your organization by Greater Giving. We highly recommend making use of these searches, as they will save your organization time, and are simple to use. Below, we cover the main Global Saved Searches we have added to your Projects.

Using a Saved Search:

Using a Saved Search is as simple as navigating to the appropriate View screen, and clicking the Saved Search drop down menu. Make your selection, and you are good to go!


Types of Saved Searches:

Supporter Saved Searches - These searches specifically relate to your Supporters, and are found under View/Edit Supporters.

Item/Packages Saved Searches - These searches specifically relate to either Items or Packages, and can be found under View/Edit Items and View/Edit Packages.

Sales/Payments Saved Searches - These searches specifically relate to either Sales or Payments, and can be found under View/Edit Sales and View/Edit Packages.

Adding your own Saved Searches:

You can also add your own Saved Searches! Adding a Saved Search involves using the Advanced Search function, and selecting the Save option. Below, we will walk through adding a Saved Search.

For this example, we will add a Saved Search for Bidders that Checked In to your event.

  1. Click Supporters in the Main Menu and select View Supporters.
  2. Click the Advanced Search link in the toolbar.
  3. Click the drop down next to Bidders and change it to Include.
  4. New fields will appear. Click the drop down menu under Checked In/Attended and change it to Yes.
  5. Click the Save Search button in the Bottom right corner to save the search.
    • You will also have the option to Name the Search, and to Share the Search. Sharing the Search will allow other members of your organization to use it!
  6. Click Yes, Save to finalize your search and make it appear in your Saved Search menu.

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