Print and Email Event Receipts

Once you have processed the credit card charges from the night of your event, you can either print or email receipts to all your Supporters from within Greater Giving Online. Many Supporters request a receipt, and the software allows you to send personalized receipts to each Supporter in a batch, reducing the amount of time spent on creating receipts. You can view your Supporters and either email or print receipts using the Print/Email Receipts button.

Note: These are receipts printed directly from the Greater Giving Online software. For receipts generated by the Project Website, see Creating a Registration Page.


  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
    • The Print/Email Receipts function does its own filter based on Edit Receipt Settings. However, you can also do an Advanced Search if you wish to apply additional filters.
  2. Click Print/Email Receipts in the toolbar.Printreceipts.jpg
  3. If Sales need to be assigned to Payments, you can do that now.
  4. Choose your Receipt Format.
    • If a Supporter does not have an email on file, they will be filtered out if Email is selected.
  5. Choose your Settings Preset. If you would like to change your Settings Preset, see Setting Up Receipts.
    • General Receipt is the receipt that is printed from Manage Sales and Payments.
    • Event Receipt is the receipt printed from Go Time’s Check-Out screen.
  6. If printing, choose a Print Order.
    • Grid Order will sort based on how the grid is displayed under View/Edit Supporters.
    • Bidder Number will sort by Bidder number in ascending order.
    • Supporter Name will sort by the alpha field.
    • Table Number will sort by the bidder’s Table Number in ascending order.
    • Group Name will sort by the Group name in ascending order.
  7. Below will be Receipt Stats, informing you of how many total receipts will be generated.
  8. Click Generate Receipts to finish.

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