Common General Reports

Common General Reports can be found under All Reports & Exports. They are not specifically related to any one aspect of the Greater Giving Online software, and instead are used mostly for post-event evaluation. Below, we cover some of our most popular General Reports.


Click here for a list of General Reports.

The Package Sales by Section, Type, Class report is a fantastic tool for evaluating the different areas of your event. Included in each breakdown area (Section, Type, and Class) are the number of Packages sold, the Value, the Net Sales Amount, and the Percent Sale of the Value. This report is highly recommended for a high level overview of your event, to see which areas performed the best.

The Sales Totals by Table report will show you exactly what you’d think, the amount of Sales at each table. This report has Sales Filters if you want to only show certain Package Types, and can be set to show Sales & payments totals, Sales/payments & bidders, Sales by sections, or Sales details by bidder. Highly useful if you want to see your most successful tables.


The Revenue Analysis report is an excellent tool if you use Greater Giving Online to Track Expenses. Remember to set up your Goals and Budget in your Project Settings! Once you generate this report, it will break down your event by Summary, by Sponsorship/Ticket Sales, by Live/Silent Auction, and by total Event Results.


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