Common Utility Reports

Utility Reports are found under a Project’s All Reports & Exports screen, on the Project Home. These are also called Blank Form reports, and are useful if you need blank forms for your event. These blank forms have limited information on them, and limited options for filtering because they are intended to be manually filled in, to be entered as data into the software at a later time. Below, we cover some of our most common Utility reports.

Click here for a list of Utility Reports.

To Access Utility Reports:

  1. From the Project Home, click All Reports & Exports under the Reports & Exports header.
  2. Scroll down, and click the Utility Reports & Exports (Blank Forms) section to expand the list.
  3. Click Run for the desired report.


The Utility - Blank Bid Sheets report is extremely useful if you are doing traditional paper bid sheets for a silent auction. These reports are usually printed prior to your event, and are used if a particular Package needs an additional bid sheet (typically because the original is damaged/filled). This is always a handy report to have, just in case.


The Utility - Blank Runner Sheets report is almost a necessity if doing a live auction. This report prints 2 runner sheets per page, that can be subsequently cut in half. Absolutely a must to get the live auction bid information from the event to your Check-out table.

The Utility - Blank Bidder Registration Forms report is a great tool for your registration or Check-In table to have on hand. In a perfect scenario, you will already have all of your attendee’s information, but the Blank Form will allow guests to fill out any missing information for you to fill into the software at a later time. We recommend having a few printed, just in case!

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