Check Event Timeline

The event timeline is a great tool for new or returning users to Greater Giving Online. This timeline can be followed as closely or as loosely as you see fit, and is a guideline for running a major event. The Timeline can be accessed directly within your Greater Giving Online software, and is Project dependent (meaning you can run multiple Projects with multiple timelines simultaneously). Below, we show how to access the Timeline, and the functions of it.

To Access the Timeline:

  • On the Project Home, click Check Event Timeline under the Project Tasks header.


  • Hover over Project in the top left corner, and select Timeline from the drop down.

Functions of the Timeline:

The timeline is divided into two basic areas. On the left, there are tabs for date Milestones prior to your Event, whereas the right is the particular Tasks you can check off within each milestone. You can do as many or as few of the tasks within each milestone, depending on your organization size and needs.


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