Getting Started: Receipt Types

There are a number of receipt types in Greater Giving, each used for a different purpose. Some for simple transactions, some used as Tax Receipts, and some just confirming they have made a purchase on your website. Below, we cover each receipt and where it can be edited. 

Greater Giving Event Receipts:

The Event Receipts have a few sub-types available to them. The most common use, however, is providing a receipt for purchases made for your event. These could be for something simple like Raffle tickets, Auction purchases, or even Appeal donations. All of these will be changed within Greater Giving Online itself.

Greater Giving Project Website Receipts:

These receipts are specific to the confirmation that is sent when someone makes a purchase through the website tied to your Greater Giving event, and is edited from within the Greater Giving Online software directly. You can Edit:

Online Payments Receipts:

Similar to Greater Giving Project Website receipts, this receipt is generated from Online Payments whenever a transaction is made through your Page. The primary difference is that it is edited using Online Payments. You can Edit:


Tip: Make sure your receipt is customized for each event or page that you have.

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