Account Contact Update

Sometimes, new members join your Organization and changes need to be made to your account. When this happens, use the following checklist to ensure that you get the right information, in the right place, whenever you need it.

Update Roles with Greater Giving:

Greater Giving has different Roles for members of your Organization. You may want to update those roles when there is changeover within your Organization. The primary roles you will want to update using this form:

  • Financial Primary/Alternate: Individuals that should receive Statements of Account/Invoices from us. Also have the ability to Request a Copy of the Agreement, and make changes to the account (such as Cancellation or New Products).
  • Event Director: The individual we should contact regarding your Event, whether it is for equipment update or pre-event communication.

Obtain a copy of your Agreement:

Your Agreement with Greater Giving has many important details about your contract with Greater Giving. We recommend making sure you have a copy on hand. Note: A financial role (such as Primary or Alternate) will need to be verified to request this.

Request Statements:

If there was a lapse in Statements received from Greater Giving, we recommend reaching out so we can resend a copy. This ensures your Finance Department or bookkeeper is as up to date as possible. Note: A financial role (such as Primary or Alternate) will need to be verified to request this.

Update your Users:

Updating your Users will ensure that the new members of your organization have the access they need to complete their role within the Organization. Note: Use your Agreement to determine which method you need.

Change Website Confirmation Receipt Information:

If using the Project Website or Online Payments, you will want to update your Confirmation Receipts. There are a number of ways to do this, so make sure you check our Receipt Types to make sure you are using the most appropriate method.

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