Fall 2018 - "What's New" Top 5

Summer has been a busy season for the team at Greater Giving. Just in time for Fall, we have rolled out a number of enhancements and new features, changes to the Help Center (since Spring of 2018 over 150 new articles and videos have been added on some of the most popular topics), and more.


Fall 2018’s Top 5: 
1. Sponsorship Updates to Online Bidding
2. Online Bidding Gets “Extra Spicy” (Customization, Speed, and Analytics) 
3. (New) Project Creation Tool 
4. (New) Manage Equipment Details* 
5. Additional Saved Searches
Bonus: More stock images!


Recorded Webinar: September 12th a webinar was hosted to highlight of these exciting enhancements. Below is a recording of that webinar. (Length 35mins)



Sponsorship Updates

No matter your campaign type, Sponsorship is an important element of almost all fundraising strategy. Leading up to Fall 2018 users had been able to feature Sponsors on the bidding screen header. However, with this release, the value grows as you can now influence the frequency of when logos appear via “Sponsorship Level”.


Sponsor Logos also now show in-line with Packages. Administrators can select the rate these logos appear and can make adjustments mid-campaign. In the screenshot, settings are adjusted to show Sponsor Logos every fourth Package.




Online Bidding Gets “Extra Spicy” (Customization, Speed, and Analytics)

Leading up to Fall we have made over 125 changes to Online Bidding. Some of these are minor and not worthy of a place in our Top 5 so we grouped them together into one topic. Among those, the team is the most excited about are enhancements to the desktop layout and customized color themes so the bidder screen can match your specific branding. Bidders can also bid faster with changes made to the way Packages are selected. Slide view has been removed from the layout so that the process is faster for a new bidder to make that 1st bid.


Tip: Find your groups specific color code (RGB, HEX) and add it to Online Bidding color theme so it matches your brand.


(New) Project Creation Tool*

The steps you take to create a Project in Greater Giving received a touch up over the Summer. Users can choose from one of the pre-built templates or select to copy from projects in the past. Administrators can also indicate their main contact and event night contact right in the page.

A common step in this process is for groups to “copy what they did last year”, this option is simple to follow with this new design so you can spend more time on your campaign.


*Please note this feature is currently in a limited release format, and will become available for all Projects shortly. Stay tuned for more information.


(New) Manage Equipment Details*

Closely associated with the Project Creation Tool is the manage equipment details. The user can now order and track their credit card devices right from the software. In addition shipping details, tracking numbers, and even the ability to print return shipping labels are shown so users don't have to track them down.

Administrators will enter the number of guests they anticipate and then see a credit card device recommendation right on the screen. Had a change in the number of supporters that signed up? Make the change to your order right in Greater Giving.


*Please note this feature is currently in a limited release format, and will become available for all Projects shortly. Stay tuned for more information.


Added Saved Searches

One of the most popular new features for power users over the past year has been Saved Searches. Tools like Saved Searches can help people work faster both on event night and leading up to any campaign. For Fall of 2018, we have added 15 new pre-populated searches.

A personal favorite of the customer support team is “Bidders without Credit Cards on file”, as this is a great saved search to run right before checkout.


Bonus: More Stock Images

Stock images are an addition made to Greater Giving based on feedback from some of our fantastic Partners. When groups are building Packages or websites in many cases they don't yet have the perfect image to use. Stock Package images are selected as ambiguous options that could be used for lots of different types of Packages. Added over the summer is a selection of stock background images that can be used for Project Websites.

Five themes have been added: Golf, Mardi Gras, Monte Carlo, Starry Night, Western/Cowboy. You can find all the stock images and these new five themes under the Image Manager.









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