Item & Package Saved Searches

Item & Package Saved Searches are commonly used Advanced Search functions with either the Items screen, or the Packages screen. Accessing these Saved Searches is simple, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Below, we show how to access these searches and what each one does.

Note: These are Saved Searches added by Greater Giving. To read about adding your own Saved Searches, see Global Saved Searches.

Accessing Item/Package Saved Searches:

  1. From the Project Home, click on the link for View/Edit Items under the Items header.
    • For Package Saved Searches, click on View/Edit Packages under the Packages header.
  2. Click the Saved Search drop down menu.
  3. Select the desired Saved Search.


Item Saved Searches:

Items not assigned to a Package - One of our most popular searches. Excellent for ensuring you have Packaged all Donated Items, this search shows you any Items that are not currently in a Package.


Package Saved Searches:

Packages marked as Multiple Sale - This search shows you any Package that is a Multisale Package. This also includes Admission, Donation, and Sponsorship Packages.


Packages not assigned to a Section - One of our most popular searches.  Highly recommended for Online Bidding events, this search shows you any Packages that have not been placed into a Section.


Packages with Software Printed Certificates - This search will bring up any Packages that have an Item with Software Printed Certificates. Great to run before your event, so you know which Packages will need a certificate done.


Packages without Images - This is a useful search when using Online Bidding. Brings up all Packages that do not have an Image associated with them. Perfect for filling out the last of your Packages with Images.


Packages with a $0 Value - This search will bring up any Packages that do not have a Value entered for them. This is a highly recommended search to do just prior to your event, making sure that all of your Packages have the appropriate Value.

Unsold Packages - One of our most popular searches.  This search will show you any Packages that do not have an associated Sale. Excellent if you are running an Online Bidding post-event auction, or any time you wish to see which Packages did not sell.

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