Sales & Payments Saved Searches

Sales & Payments Saved Searches are common used Advanced Search functions within either the Sales or the Payments screens. Accessing these Saved Searches is simple, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Below, we show you how to access these searches as well as what each one does.

Note: These are Saved Searches added by Greater Giving. To read about adding your own Saved Searches, see Global Saved Searches.

Accessing Sales/Payments Saved Searches:

  1. From the Project Home, click on the link for View/Edit Sales under the Sales header.
    • For Payment Saved Searches, click on View/Edit Payments under the Payments header.
  2. Click the Saved Search drop down menu.
  3. Select the desired Saved Search.


Sales Saved Searches:

Sales from Online Bidding - Specifically for use with our Online Bidding product, this search will bring up every Sale that originated from Online Bidding.


Payments Saved Searches:

Cash & Check Payments -  A simple search, this Saved Search brings up any entered Cash or Check payments. This is helpful when reconciling at the end of your event.


Reconciling Statement (Auctionpay Swipe) - One of our most popular searches. This search will show you all Auctionpay Swipe payments, which appear on your Statement of Account. We recommend also clicking Advanced Search, and adding in the date range specific to your Statement. See Reconciling Statements for more information.

Refunds & Associated Payments -  This search will bring up any refunds that were entered through the software, as well as the payment that is being refunded. Great for reconciliation of refunded payments through Greater Giving.

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