Reports, Exports, and Printed Material Training

Go in depth on the reporting tools of Greater Giving Online software.  Learn how to use Saved Searches to better filter your reports as well as some general tips regarding navigation and use of the reporting system.  It also includes examples of situational reports to run along with additional tips on proper navigation and settings.

The 3 types of Reports and Exports:

  • Reports: These are your traditional reports that you can run during and post event to review attendance, sales, balances due, etc.
  • Exports: These are the spreadsheets you can export from within Greater Giving to move data to different databases and for offline backups of data.
  • Printed Materials: These are the materials that you use at your event such as Bid Sheets, your printed Catalog, Table Placards, etc.

See Reports for written documentation.

15 Minutes. Video Available only on demand.


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