September 12, 2018 Release Notes

On September 12th, 2018 we released a number of new features and updates for Online Bidding and Greater Giving Online. For more information, please see below.


Online Bidding Highlights:

Improvement: Quicker bidding process - Bidders can now get to the details of a package with one click.

Improvement: Updated desktop bidding layout for a consistent, more visually appealing look.


New: Sponsor Tile feature - Give Sponsors more visibility by displaying their logos between Packages on Online Bidding. See Online Bidding Settings.


New: Sponsor logo weighting - The Sponsorship Level will now determine how frequently a Sponsor appears throughout the bidding site. Higher level Sponsors will appear more often. See Online Bidding: Setting Up Sponsors.

New: Bidding activity chart - Allows users viewing the Online Bidding Dashboard to see when the most bids were placed. See Online Bidding: Viewing Auction Statistics.


Improvement: Updated the service used to load the Online Bidding Dashboard - Faster performance, resolves intermittent load issues.

  • Added tool tips to the charts.
  • New Refresh button in the Online Bidding Dashboard.

New: Landing page color theme option - Allows users to change the color of the bidding site to better fit their event. See Online Bidding Settings.

Improvement: Clicking the back button now takes bidders to where they were previously at in the page.

Improvement: Additional Packages will auto-load as bidders reach the bottom of the page.

Improvement: Online Bidding Dashboard now shows the total number of multiple sale Packages sold, rather than the total number of purchasers.

Improvement: Online Bidding Dashboard loads when various plugins (extensions) are installed.

Improvement: Resolved various image issues. Appeal donation images now appear correctly.

Improvement: Resolved an issue where the Online Bidding Dashboard was not displaying the correct Packages after Packages had been renumbered and/or removed.

Improvement: Resolved an issue where users saw an error message when sending an email through the Dashboard, regardless if the emails were successfully sent or not.

Improvement: Resolved an issue where Package names cut off mid-character on the Browse View.

Improvement: Resolved an issue where the Project name overlapped on the Landing Page.

Improvement: Resolved an issue where iOS device users saw an increase in “timeouts” when using the Bid Assistant tool.

Improvement: Resolves an issue where bidders saw an error message after force closing their browser window and reopening  the browser.

Improvement: More consistent spacing between Sponsor images on the Sponsor bar of the bidding site.

New: The Sponsor bar is now hidden when there are no Sponsors or Organization/Project Image uploaded.

Improvement: Sponsor logos rotate as users navigate to different areas of the bidding site.

Improvement: Online Bidding supports unicode characters (example: ~ or ѐ)


Greater Giving Online Highlights:

New: Ability to Mass Assign Classes - Assign a Class to multiple Packages at once. See Mass Assign Classes.


New: The Donations Module is now automatically added to newly created Registration pages. See Creating Registration Pages.

New: Publish All button in Manage Project Website - Allows users to mass publish (i.e. change the setting to “Show page on website and in navigation”) their Project Website pages. See Publish All Pages.

Improvement: Updates to the Table Placard Word Merge template.

New: ProjectImage and PageBreak merge field added to Item and Package Word Merge Templates. See Item Merge Fields and Package Merge Fields.

Improvement: Slight changes to the “Opt Out” email phrasing.

Improvement: Resolved an issue where the BID-13 printed duplicate names when the household and its members are bidders.

Improvement: Resolved spacing, bold and HTML text issues on reports.

Improvement: Resolved an issue where sorting receipts by bidder number did not account for members sharing a household bidder number.

Improvement: Resolved an issue where sorting receipts by table number did not account for households displaying members table numbers.

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