Adding Packages: Admission

Admission Packages are used to track the guests of your event. They are most commonly used on your Project Website, but can also be used to track manually entered Sales or Imports. Adding an Admission Package is much like adding another Package, through View/Edit Packages and clicking the Add button. Below, we show a walk through of adding an Admission Package.

Tip: Complimentary tickets can also be made here. Set the Price as $0.0, and give the Package a name such as 'Comp Ticket'. Then, you can add a Sale of the Package to a Supporter if you would like them to have a complimentary ticket.

  1. From the Project Home, click the View/Edit Packages link under the Packages header.
  2. Click the Add button in the toolbar.
  3. Select the Admission radio button.
  4. Fill in basic information:
    • Package Number - You can enter a number yourself, or let the software auto-assign a number. Tip: Use the smaller box to the right to add a letter.
    • Package Name - The name of the Admission Package. This will display on your Project Website if you have one.
    • Class - Optional. Useful if you want to group Packages in a certain way.
    • Section - Optional. Recommended for certain post event reports.
  5. Enter in miscellaneous information:
    • Show in Catalog - This is a flag that your Catalog uses to determine if the Package should be included.
    • Addendum - If you have already created the Catalog, you can mark this Package as an Addendum to the Catalog.
    • Admissions Included -  This number determines how many tickets for guests come with this Admission Package.
    • Maximum Online Sales - Determines how many of this Package can be sold on the Project Website (does not account for manually added Sales).
  6. Enter numerical information:
    • Value Type - Defaults to Estimable, but can be customized by Customizing your Picklists.
    • Value - This is the fair market value for the Package.
    • Tax Rate - A percentage increase to the Price of the Package.
    • Price - The cost to the Supporter for the Package.
  7. If applicable, enter any Notes, Description, or Restrictions.
  8. Click Save to save your new Admission Package, or Save and Add New to add another.

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