End of Year Giving

Starting around mid November, nonprofit organizations typically increase messaging to donors to impact giving both in person and online. Historically, the focus of this has been to maximize yearly tax write off donations. In the past, it was the case that end of year giving for nonprofits was a nice "extra" to a successful year of raising funds for the cause. Fast forward to today, it is now a necessity and represents one of the highest points of giving in a year.

(New) End of Year Giving Stock Images - To make it simple to get started, Greater Giving has added a number of ready to use Stock Images. See more below.

A Three Part Plan: 
Setting up your end of year giving campaign can be simple, but it starts with a plan. Below you will see a quick Three Part Plan for getting started. In the video/webinar below team member David speaks more to each of these three parts.

  • Choose your message - Keep in mind lots of nonprofits this time of year are also asking for donations. Help your group stand out by addressing the topic of why someone should give and why should they give now. Make your case for why this is the best time to support this great cause.
  • Spread the word- With so many social media tools and resources these days it's hard to know what's best. Utilize the platforms your group has already put in place like your website. Also keep in mind Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, newsletters, direct mail and word of mouth.
  • Finish Strong - Help your giving page stand out. Use themed images and fonts to show an impassioned message that is on brand. Help thank your donors for giving with a thoughtful message. This Thank You can come in the form of an email or in the confirmation receipt.  

7 Great Ideas to Boost End of Year Giving:

  1. Get your Board Involved - From the Resource Library, read Get Your Board on Board with Fundraising.
  2. Take advantage of Giving Tuesday  - From "What is Giving Tuesday", to examples of what other nonprofits are doing, Greater Giving's website has lots of great videos and ideas about Giving Tuesday.
  3. Send an email to donors in the last 72 hours of the year - Learn more about great emails that are high impact by reading about "Writing for Nonprofits" on our Resource Library.
  4. Customize Confirmation Receipts for social sharing - add a personal note in your confirmation receipt that promotes getting the word out e.g. "I just gave to XYZ Foundation and you can to. Go to to make a donation."
  5. Make it personal - Showcase the date, year and progress you are making. Post to social media how much you have raised and how far you have to go towards your goal. Donors like to see their donations are making an impact.
  6. End of year Online Auction - view our Online Auction Webinar
  7. Virtual Food Drive - See how to build a campaign like this in the video/webinar below.

View our End of Year Giving “How It Works” Webinar

See Greater Giving team member David Foster build giving page step by step. In this session you will learn about a number of best practices tips and tricks. Our speaker will show step by step how you can build a virtual food drive page from start to finish.

End Of Year Giving "How it Works" Webinar
Final Date 12/5.



End of Year Giving Stock Images:
Stock Images are a great way to add a little bit of color or flair to your website, without having to hunt for that perfect image. We have uploaded all of these images already into your Projects, so you can get to using them immediately!

To Preview Images:

  1. From the Project Home, click the Image Manager link under the Project Tasks header.
  2. On the left, select the Stock Images from Greater Giving folder.
  3. Click the Project Website Images subfolder.
  4. Click the End of Year Giving subfolder.
  5. On the right, you will see all images that we have uploaded. Feel free to use any you wish when building your End of Year Giving Page!




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